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A Special Announcement

We are pleased to announce that the Phoenix TAP Pool League, which includes Maricopa and Pinal Counties has been purchased by TAP players, Pati and John Muehling.

Pati and John have played and supported the Phoenix TAP league for many years – they are seasoned veterans and are ready to take over and grow the league.  They are developing many new programs under their ownership and management.  We are excited to hand the baton to them because they are professionals who are motivated to make the league a huge success.  In fact, over the past four weeks, they have been managing the league, with our assistance, and have fully taken over the day-to-day operations. 

Over the thirteen years that we have owned the league, we have made many friends and we thank everyone for their support.  We intend to still play in the league and continue our relationships with our TAP contacts.


Robert & Peggy Mallen

To Our Fellow Players,

As you read in the previous announcement from Robert and Peggy, we are very excited to be taking over the ownership of the Phoenix TAP Pool League.

Having played in this league for many years, and in various leagues for more than 20 years, we have always found TAP to be the fairest and most rewarding league to play in.  One thing that has always stood out with Phoenix TAP is Robert and Peggy’s focus on the player; we intend to continue that focus.  After all, it’s, you, the players that have made this league such a success!

As mentioned, we have been managing the league since the beginning of this session and do not expect to make any changes to the operation any time soon.  You will, however, see changes to our website, social media presence (www.facebook.com/phoenixtap) and marketing, as we focus on growing the league and having more tournaments.  This effort is already underway with us working on a Spring Travel Division for the East Valley (see below for details).

Many of you know us from our play with you over the years.  For those of you who do not, please don’t be shy.  We play on Wednesday night at Bull Shooters and Thursday night at Skip and Jan’s, and we’d love to meet you!

Lastly, we’d again like to echo Robert and Peggy’s appreciation for your support over the last thirteen years – it has made TAP what it is today.  And we hope, with your help, we can make the next thirteen years – the next twenty years – a roaring success!

Thank you,

Pati and John Muehling

Play with TAP!

Are you looking to have some fun during the week?  Maybe you're a seasoned pool player, or maybe you just like to hit the balls around.  Either way, we'd love to have you!  Join the TAP Pool League today.  We currently have openings in all our divisions for the Spring Session and are looking for individuals or teams to exapnd the league in the Summer.  There are 3 ways to join TAP:

  1. Click here to complete a registration form and call us at 602-305-7819 or 602-309-7777
  2. Complete the form below.
  3. Email tapphoenix@gmail.com

Current Divisions Play on:

Division A - Tuesday - 7:00PM Start
Division B - Thursday @ Skip & Jan's - 6:30PM Start
Division C - Wednesday @ Bull Shooter's - 7:00PM Start
Division D - Thursday Travel in East Valley - 7:00PM Start
Division P - Wednesday @ Skip & Jan's - 6:30PM Start

Please take a moment to share your contact info with us and we'll get back to you asap!


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Fall 2014/15 Titleholder's Tournament Results

Thank you to everyone who competed in our Fall 2014/15 Titleholder's Tournament, held on February 21st at Skip and Jan's.  Congratulations to the following teams who earned a spot in this summer's Master's Tournament, and a chance to move on to the TAP National Tournament to be held in Nashville, TN, on November 5-8th.

This Team Right Here - Captain Brandon Hoffman, Angie Baltazar, Nellie Hayes, Paul Wisniewski, Scott Tager, and Daniel Fisk

Mushroom Tips - Captain Marcos Romero, Sandeep Sharma, Travis Choate, Steve Clark, Ray Stacey, Brad Andrews, and Jeremiah Buckman

Go 8 Ball: Captain Steve Kaiblinger, Lance Hansen, Phil Montgomery, Martin Colello, Chad Wilder, Greg Brown, Robert Reimer, and Craig Hefel

Ballisztiks: Captain Steve Johnson, Lester Penning, David Barcon, Tony Major, Steve Zamanakos, Chris Tolson, and Brian Desantis

Shoot Em Up: Captain Steve Starks, Eric Lervold, Doug Scheuer, Ross Zarate, Richard Taylor, Ray Stacey, and Bob Hoppmann


Listed below are the teams for each division who came in 1st, 2nd and 3rd and Wild Card.    These are the teams who played in our Titleholder's Tournament on February 21st.

Also listed in the line just below the teams are the MVP's for each bracket.  MVP's receive a check for $40 and an MVP patch.

A A1 Crazy Diamonds
Steve Kaiblinger (Cpt)
A6 Nice Leave
Pete Peters (Cpt)
A5 This Team Right Here
Brandon Hoffman (Cpt)
A2 Ferrule Cats
Peggy Mallen (Cpt)

MVP Bill McAuliffe Richard Taylor J. P. Whitaker
B B10 Go 8-Ball
Steve Kaiblinger (Cpt)
B7 Mushroom Tips
Marcos Romero (Cpt)
B5 Stroke This
Dan Allen (Cpt)
B1 Miscues
Aaron Morgan (Cpt)

MVP Lance Hansen Robert Temple Greg Brown
C C4 La Familia
Fred Amarillas (Cpt)
C3 Bootstrap Bill
Bill Snavely (Cpt)
C2 Mere Mortals
Peggy Mallen (Cpt)
C1 Full House
Barbara Sutman (Cpt)
MVP Brad Laderoute Tye West N/A
P P2 Ballizsticks
Steve Johnson (Cpt)
P3 Rack N Ruin
Jim Gahan (Cpt)
Bryan Stern (Cpt)
P8 Dees
Dee Stokka (Cpt)

MVP Paul Smith Chan Phan Brian Desantis

Always for the Player!

TAP of Greater Phoenix, LLC
Phone: (602) 309-7777

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 Sat, May 16 - '15 Spring Session Wild Card Draw @ Skip & Jan's
 Week of June 2: '15 Summer Session Begins
 Sat, June 20 - '15 Spring Session Titleholder's Tourney @ Skip & Jan's
 November 5-8: 2015 National Tourney in Nashville, TN
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